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Annoucing the Scotland and Medicine Conference 2023

The Scotland and Medicine partnership has come together to organise a conference taking place at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh on Friday 29th September 2023.

Aimed at heritage professionals working with medical collections, this conference will focus on some of the most pressing topics facing Scottish medical collections across museums, libraries and archives.

The conference will begin with a keynote address by Laurie Britton Newell, Senior Curator at the Wellcome Collection, who will give a keynote address on the topic of inclusive exhibitions and talk about the Wellcome Collection's exhibition, 'In Plain Sight' exhibition, which ran from October 2022 to February 2023.

Speakers on the day will present case studies on several themes and tackle questions such as: 'How do we create safe spaces for researchers working with harsh language and structural violence?' 'How do we incorporate silenced voices into displays and handle the challenges of identification and repatriation?' 'How can we use medical collections to reach further audiences and support uses such as family history research and student learning and well-being?'

The conference is funded by Scotland and Medicine and is free to attend. This event is intended principally for heritage professionals working in museums, archives, and libraries, but other medical historians and interested researchers are also welcome.

Take a look at our projects page to find the full programme, and book tickets here.

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