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A graphic with a dark blue background and white text reading "A Model Education". On the left there is an image of a person being dissected. Their side has been opened to reveal the muscles and blood vessels underneath.

A Model Education explores the intimate relationship of art and anatomy and the way these subjects combined to teach medicine throughout the centuries. By bringing together five anatomical teaching collections from across the UK, Surgeons’ Hall Museums will showcase the ever-changing teaching aids used to supplement dissection and the artistic talent found in their creation. Media such as wax, papier-mâché and plaster will be examined as well as The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh’s rich illustrated text collections. Join us as we explore this unique relationship and marvel at the creations it produced.

The exhibition ran from Saturday 11 September 2021 until June 2022.  

Read some of the archived blog posts about the exhibition using the links below. 

A Model Education – The Anatomy Lab ( 

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